How to most effectively invoke spiritual light

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Presence of Infinite Light, December 29, 2004

I come to help you understand that the one thing that provides a way out of the current situation on Earth is spiritual fire. The spiritual fire that can truly consume all of humankind’s miscreations and misqualified energy, before those energies become so dense that form itself begins to collapse under its own weight. So the key to avoiding to literally have the fires of Hell begin to consume the physical planet is to invoke spiritual light that will consume the misqualified energy before it reaches the ignition point.

The key is to invoke the spiritual light from Above, and you have been given extremely powerful rosaries for doing this very task, including the Rosary of Infinite Light that many of you have so graciously given over this past month. Yet there are many other spiritual rituals, from other spiritual traditions, that are suited for this task.

Still, beyond using the outer ritual, it is necessary and important that you understand, that the light invoked is not simply a mechanical thing. Invoking light is not a mechanical process; it is very much a creative process. And it will be ultimately effective only when you see yourself not as a human being who is separated from the spiritual realm, but as an extension of the spiritual realm, as an extension of the hierarchy of spiritual beings that we are.

You need to understand that this hierarchy reaches all the way back to God itself. And so I want to give you a simple, and somewhat simplified teaching, that will help you tune in to this hierarchy.

How worlds are created
Everything in the world of form is created by self-conscious beings. You are a self-conscious being, who was meant to be a co-creator with God here on Earth. You were born of self-conscious beings in the spiritual realm, and they were born of self-conscious beings in a higher spiritual realm. And this Chain of Being goes all the way back to the One Being who is the Creator of this universe. Yet beyond the Creator of this universe is an even higher level. And the ultimate reality is what Jesus has called the Pure Being of God.

The Pure Being of God is complete, is whole, is full. The Pure Being of God is fullness, and in the Pure Being of God there are no divisions or differentiations—thus there is no form. Therefore, one can say that in the Pure Being of God, nothing can be created because God is all and God is fullness, so how can there be differentiations?

So before anything can be created, the Pure Being of God withdraws and creates a sphere that is not fullness. And that is what many religions have called “the void.” And into that void travels the Being who is your Creator. And that Being starts creating from within itself, and it creates a sphere in the void that does not fill up the entire void. And then it creates self-conscious beings out of itself, and as they internalize the light of God, they fill up the first sphere of God.

When that sphere is filled, God and the Beings of God transcend themselves and expand to create another sphere. And in the beginning that sphere is not full of light, yet it has more light than the void around it. And when that sphere is filled up, another sphere is created. This process of the inbreath and the outbreadth of God is meant to continue until the entire void is filled and again becomes the fullness of the Pure Being of God.

When a new sphere is created, it is set apart from the void, and that is what is recorded in Genesis as the process of God creating the light and setting the light apart from the darkness to create the first day (Genesis 1:4-5), thus forming the first sphere of light. This illustrates the process of how the universe of which you are a part, the sphere of God of which you are a part, was first brought into being.

God then sends self-conscious beings into what Genesis calls the Earth, but which is truly this sphere of God that is much more than the Earth and more than the physical universe. As these beings internalize the light, they gradually intensify the light, until the entire sphere is filled with light and only light. They do this by following God’s command to multiply and take dominion, and they take dominion by using the creative power of God within them to issue the fiat, “Let there be Light where I am!”

I AM the light of the world
I AM the Being who embody the qualities of God’s light, the light out of which everything in the world of form is given form, because the light takes on form. You will remember that the first act of creation, recorded in the Bible, is God’s exclamation, “Let there be Light!” And there was light. Thus, it is my joy to enter in and to fill the void with the light of God. But I can do so only when invoked by self-conscious beings who are part of the chain of hierarchy that was sent into that particular sphere of God’s creation.

For you to be ultimately effective in invoking the light of God, you must shift your awareness, until you begin to realize and accept that you are a part of the hierarchy of self-conscious beings, of co-creators with God, that reaches all the way back to your Creator. It even reaches beyond your Creator to my Being and the other Beings of God, and even to the Pure Being of God in which there are no differentiations and therefore no beings but just BEING.

When you reconnect yourself with that chain of hierarchy – that is, the Hierarchy of Light – you will become an electrode for spiritual light. And as you feel that light stream through you, and as you allow that light to consume the darkness in your own being, you will gradually be purified, until you come to the realization that even though the Pure Being of God withdrew and created the void, the void is not empty.

The void still has the Being of God within it, only it does not have God’s fullness. It has the potential to have God’s fullness, and that fullness will come about when you realize that you are not just an electrode for the stream of light from hierarchy, from an external source, but that you can reach a higher level, where you see that you can radiate light from within yourself.

That then is when you make the shift from seeing yourself as a human being to accepting yourself as an immortal being, an ascended master. Thereby, you become a sun in your own right, a Being who is not just permitting light from Above to stream through it but that is allowing the inner light to shine through, to shine forth in all directions, as the unconditional love of God that rises like the sun upon the evil and the good (Matthew 5:45). It is this light that will fill up the material universe and raise planet Earth out of the darkness created by humankind over the ages.


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