One or two people will not save the Earth

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Great Divine Director, June 30, 2006

The savior is you
My beloved, the savior of planet Earth is you. The savior of your generation is you. You cannot expect someone else to come and solve the problems for you, for the only way these problems can be solved is that those who have created the problems, and those who are serving to uphold them, transcend the state of consciousness that led to the manifestation of these outer problems.

Do you see, my beloved, this is the only way that humankind can possibly grow? This is the only way that humankind has ever grown. And when you have seen cycles where humankind’s consciousness has indeed gone into a downward spiral, it is precisely because most people – including most spiritual people – have not understood this very principle, which is the very reason for the existence of the Earth as a cosmic schoolroom.

Do you see, my beloved, the Earth is not created so that one or a few can come and save the many? The Earth is created that the many can raise their consciousness and thereby ascend to higher levels of learning as has indeed happened with the first three root races and with many lifestreams from the succeeding root races.

Thus, my beloved, do you see the point? The fall of humankind began with the fourth root race and many lifestreams from the fifth and the sixth root races have indeed fallen as well. Yet for these lifestreams to ascend and get back into a positive spiral, they must change their consciousness. They must self-transcend. They must want more. They must be willing to reach for the divine direction that guides them forward, that prods them forward, that pulls them up by their hairs if they are not willing to walk on their own.

Yet there is of course a limit to how much we can pull up anyone. And that is why there must indeed be a willingness to take what is given, to multiply that gift and to bring it back to the altar in its multiplied form, so that we can multiply it further and thereby create the upward spiral that is the only means for the ascension of the Earth and the consciousness of humankind.


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