The challenge faced on Earth is: Will you be MORE

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Mother Mary, February 4, 2006

Know God’s Light within you
My beloved hearts, even Jesus had such childhood fears and would be afraid to sleep in the dark. Yet I tell you, he overcame those fears when I told him a bedside story about God having an eternal light in Heaven, a light that was anchored in his own heart and that could always light up the darkness in his mind, the darkness that was the real cause of his fears. Even at a tender young age, Jesus understood this story. He connected to that divine light in his heart and from then on, he overcame his fear of the dark because he knew that the light was within him.

My beloved, you too have a light in your heart, in your heart chakra. It is the flame of God’s love, wisdom and power that shines in the darkness. And though the darkness comprehends it not, you can comprehend it and you can be at peace in knowing that God’s light is within you. And as long as you are wiling to multiply that light, to freely give what you have freely received, you will become MORE. And when you are in the process of becoming MORE, you do not need to fear the limitations on Earth, the imperfect appearances on Earth.

You see, my beloved, the limitations on Earth, no matter how insurmountable or how unchangeable they might seem, cannot hold back the person who is willing to take God’s light – the light in the heart – and multiply it so that you become the MORE. My beloved, you might notice that my new rosary uses the term “MORE” and “the MORE.”

You might notice that it uses that term interchangeably with the term “Christ”. This is no coincidence, for the Christ is a representative of the state of consciousness that is committed to being the MORE in action on Earth, to lifting up all life, to challenging all those who are stuck in a consciousness of thinking they are less. The Christ is even committed to challenging people’s illusions so that they can see beyond them and see that they are not trapped by those illusions. They are not trapped by their fears that makes them afraid to question the lies of the mind of anti-christ, that makes them afraid of becoming MORE and thus breaking the bonds of their limitations.

My beloved hearts, if you will commit yourself to giving this rosary and contemplating the words in it, you will find the release of a new sense of peace, joy and comfort, a new sense of hope that truly you can transcend the limitations in your own life. And thus you can transcend the sense of being limited by world conditions. You can transcend all fear that the world is going to hell in a hand basket, as the popular saying goes. I can tell you with absolute certainty, that the world is not going to hell. The world is going to Heaven, or rather the world is transcending the consciousness of hell and rising towards the consciousness of Heaven.

The essential challenge on Earth
Thus, as the light intensifies, certain areas will seem darker because the shadows become more intense in contrast to the light. But let not this fool you into entering a state of pessimism. For once again you must see that anything that happens, even the most seemingly severe world conditions, are simply a part of the eternal challenge that is described in the rosary. The challenge that will exist as long as there is still enough darkness left in this universe to allow the forces of anti-christ, the consciousness of anti-christ, to continue to exist here. As long as these forces are here, they will present you with the challenge. Will you choose to believe in their lies and thus be less? Or will you choose to believe in the truth of Christ and thus be more?

Thus, I say to you, my beloved, you who have given my rosaries have chosen to be MORE. And I will give you the reward for your service, a rosary that for many of you can be a breakthrough into a new state of consciousness, a new state of connectedness to your own higher being and to your God, a new sense that with God all things are possible in your personal lives and on a world scale. Thus, embrace this rosary. Run with it. Flow with it. Give up the need to feel separate from the River of Life.

Immerse yourself in that River. Reclaim your true identity as a true son or daughter of God. And accept your rightful place in God’s ever-moving, ever-transcending River of Life. Be all that you are. Be here below all that you are Above. And flow with me as I continue to transcend myself and become more than any images of Mother Mary held by the Catholic Church or any other spiritual teaching or institution on this planet.

For I truly take joy in becoming MORE every moment. And when you plunge yourself into the River of Life, you too will discover this infinite joy of knowing that you are a part of the All that is your God and the body of your God on earth.

Thus I seal you in the peace of the infinite joy of the MORE. Be MORE—forevermore.

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