The Earth will not instantly shift and out-picture the kingdom of God

This is an excerpt of a longer dictation.

Jesus, May 10, 2009.

The initiations of the twelfth ray
So you see, my beloved, these are the initiations of the twelfth ray—the initiations of not thinking that being reborn is a one-time thing, and then you are forever in some fixed identity. But realizing that being reborn is a constant process, my beloved.

As we have said, the world is created by a mental image projected upon the Ma-ter light. [And] we have compared it to a movie that is being projected onto the screen by many individual images being projected onto the screen every second, so that your physical senses cannot see the individual movements. Well, so you can come to a point where your sense of self has been reborn, to where you recognize that the entire planet Earth – in its present condition of imbalance and lack and poverty – is simply a mental image. And if that mental image was changed, then the Earth would instantly out-picture a higher reality.

Now my beloved, this is not to say that the Earth will instantly shift and out-picture the kingdom of God. For if it was to do so, then too many people would have a shattering of their sense of identity. They could not adjust to the changes, and they would go through a severe identity crisis, which is why the Earth must shift gradually and gradually be raised up.

Do you see, my beloved, we of the Ascended Host, do, indeed, have the power – the Elohim do have the power, for they created the Earth – to instantly direct so much light at the Earth that it would shatter the darkness – the imperfect images, the imperfect energies – and the Earth would instantly emerge in the purity of its original design. But if they were to do so, most of the people on Earth who have descended into a lower state of consciousness would not be able to adjust. And thus, they would have to actually be removed from the Earth. They would literally die, because they would die physically because their sense of self could not adjust to the changes, and they would have to, then, go to some other planet. And so, given that the fact is that the Earth was created as a platform for growth, we have no interest, as such, in raising the Earth but raising the consciousness of the inhabitants of the Earth. Which is why changes must happen gradually.

And so, you see, that we walk a very delicate [balance], where we can release a certain amount of light but we cannot release too much light, so that it would shatter the sense of self of too many people on Earth. And this is precisely why we need you, who are in embodiment, to tune in and pass that initiation of the twelfth ray, and allow yourself to be constantly reborn, to be reborn every day, every moment. Every time you have a projection of a lower sense of self, of a lower vibration, simply recognize it for what it is, and allow yourself to be reborn as a being who is no longer affected by that lower state of consciousness.

What one has done, all can do
When you demonstrate that to other people, even demonstrate that you can allow yourself, your sense of self, to be reborn, so that you are no longer the person who had a particular physical disease – or an emotional or mental condition, whether it be this or that split in the personality – you can then demonstrate to other people, my beloved, that what is possible for you is possible for them.

For as the motto of the Ascended Masters has been for a long time, “What one has done, all can do.” And this must be demonstrated but in this age it is not enough that one person demonstrates it, as I did 2,000 years ago. We need many people to demonstrate it, so that people can see that what many have done, I, too, can do. And this is what needs to happen on this threshold to the shift into the Aquarian-age consciousness—the age of freedom, my beloved. Which is truly an age of creative freedom.

The freedom to re-create, not only the sense of self – which essentially is what you are doing when you are reborn, you are re-creating the sense of self – but also the freedom to recreate your environment, even re-create the physical environment on this Earth, that for so many people still seems to be created by forces beyond their control. And therefore, they have no power – humankind has no power – to collectively recreate it, my beloved.

And thus, you will see that both traditional religion – reinforcing the image that you are separated from God and that you need an external savior, an external religion, in order to be saved – and traditional and materialistic science – which says that you are only a sophisticated animal – both of these movements are indeed reinforcing the image that humankind does not have the collective power to change their physical environment beyond what they can do with their physical bodies.

Humankind’s sense of self must be reborn
Do you see, my beloved, humankind’s sense of self can be reborn. As it, indeed, has been many times over the course of history, my beloved. Take a look at the medieval society in Europe, where they believed the Earth was flat. It took some time, it was not that everybody woke up one morning and said, “Oh yeah, I now see the Earth is round.” No, it took some time. In fact, some people had to die physically and be reborn again into a new environment before they could accept that the Earth was round.

But nevertheless, what happened was that the collective sense of self – based on the belief that the Earth was flat – died, and humankind’s sense of self was reborn based on the new awareness that the Earth is round. So, you will see many of these shifts, my beloved. The renaissance was a period of many such shifts. The industrial revolution, the scientific revolution, brought many such shifts. And science is still serving, to some degree, to bring these shifts, although it has also fallen into taking up the position that the Catholic church held in the Middle Ages of actually holding back people in a materialistic mindset.

Yet you will see, in coming decades and years, that science itself will indeed be propelled beyond materialism. Materialism cannot maintain its grip on science, just as the old mindset can only maintain its grip on religion and spiritual people for a time. As you indeed see so many spiritual people in today’s age who have moved far beyond the mindset that held the people of medieval Europe in the grips of the Catholic Church.

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