The Mother’s love is not an end in itself and should not become circular thinking

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Mother Mary, May 25, 2006.

The Mother’s love and the Father’s love
For my beloved, what was the lie that trapped Eve? What was the lie that trapped every soul? Well it was to a large degree the lie that when you are on the Earth you should adapt to the conditions on the Earth rather than allowing God in you to have dominion over the Earth.

And thus, my beloved, we now come to a very subtle distinction that is extremely important for the most spiritually mature people to ponder until you see it within your heart. For my beloved, there are many people in the New Age movement, in the environmentalist movement – there are even many people in the pro-choice movement and in many other movements – that are acting because they have a very sincere love for life.

They truly have the Mother’s love and they are acting on that Mother’s love and they are driven by that Mother’s love. Thus, they have the pure motives and the pure hearts behind their efforts to protect life, even protect a woman’s right to a certain freedom over her life. Their motivation is pure and loving. But what you must understand is that it is a motherly love. And the motherly love in itself can become a closed circle.

And what has happened to many spiritual people is that their motherly love has become a circular line of reasoning because they have not connected to the Spirit of truth of the Father. Thus, the Mother’s love has become centered on the material universe and on thinking that the conditions that are here cannot be changed. And thus we must seek to preserve what is here – as in preserving nature, the ecosystem, natural resources – not realizing that the conditions you see on Earth right now were not created by God, but were created over millions of years by the fall in humankind’s consciousness.

And thus, they are far from the highest potential for planet Earth. They are indeed not expressing the immaculate concept. And thus if you stay in the Mother’s love, and allow the Mother’s love to become a closed circle that is focused on the material universe, you will never transcend the current conditions.

And as I have explained many times in my teachings, the Mother Light has a built-in force, the contracting force of the Mother, which breaks down any structure that is not in alignment with the will and the vision of the Father. Thus, my beloved, those in the environmentalist movement who are acting out of pure motives to preserve nature are actually in the long run helping to destroy what they are seeking to preserve.

They stay in the closed, circular logic that does not see that the only way to preserve the Earth, even natural resources, is to bring them back into alignment with the Father’s vision for this Earth. So that the conditions that are not right, that are not balanced, can be transcended and the Earth can come back to a purer state which is sustainable. Whereas the current conditions are not sustainable, which is why you see even Mother Nature herself breaking down through an increasing amount of storms and earthquakes and other natural imbalances.

This, my beloved, is one idea that if it could be embraced by enough people in the top 10% of the most spiritually advanced people, could revolutionize not only the environmentalist movement but many other movements and organizations that seek to preserve the Mother Light, the Mother’s love, and express the Mother’s love.

This would be my desire, to see this revelation spread like rings in the water, where people realize that we need to go beyond the old view of God as the remote, judgmental, angry being in the sky that has been portrayed by traditional Christian religion. And we need to realign ourselves with the loving Father, who loves us so much that he does not want to see us remain stuck in imperfect conditions. And thus, he wants us to transcend and come back to his kingdom, which is the Christ consciousness.

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