The real key to changing a nation is to change the consciousness of the people

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Master MORE, October 26, 2007

Gratitude, my beloved, is a God quality that is closely related to the Power and the Will of God. For when you know that you are right with God because you have accepted God’s Will – not as the will of an angry being in the sky, but the will of your own Higher Being – well then you will naturally feel a deep sense of gratitude. For you will know that the universe as a whole is unfolding and evolving in close accord with the Will of God. And you will know that, as you stay in Oneness with that higher will of your being, whatever happens on Earth is within the Will of God, and thus you can meet whatever happens with gratitude. Gratitude for the opportunity to learn, but even more so, gratitude for the opportunity to transcend, to go beyond.

For, my beloved, if there is one thing I would impress upon you, one thought that represents what is the Will of God for planet Earth at this moment in history, then it is indeed self-transcendence. And more certainly, this is the Will of God for this nation of England, of Britain and of the British Isles. The self-transcendence that will blow away, like a mighty storm rolling in from the Atlantic, the gloom and doom of the consciousness that you are all well aware of and that you have discussed and addressed in this rosary.

So, my beloved, this is the Will of God—that Britain does indeed become a Golden Age society, an example for how a Golden Age society can be built. Not by the high and the mighty, not by the elite, not by the establishment. But by the true elite, the most spiritually aware people, being the forerunners for awakening the people themselves, so that a critical mass is reached where the people are willing to take responsibility for themselves and say: “We will stop complaining about what is, and we will change what is, for we know that we have the power of consciousness to do this.”

And so, my beloved, where does this recognition come from? Well, it does indeed come from the recognition of how the universe works—that the universe, the material universe, is a mirror that can only reflect back to an individual or an entire nation, what they are sending out through the power of their minds. For you see, my beloved, the greatest lie perpetrated upon the people on Earth is that the things that are physical are set in stone and cannot be changed by humankind.

This has taken on many forms, including what we expose in this rosary of the false trinity of the monarchy, the class system and the church, which denies the individual Christ potential of its own members, even its own leaders. So, my beloved, when you recognize this, you recognize that the people have come to believe in this lie. But more than this, they have come to believe in it because it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It seems to them that they cannot change anything because whenever they try to change something in the outer – be it through their own efforts or their government – they see that there is no real change. There might be some gradual changes here and there, but there is not the real revolution in society that they know from within is possible. And so that is why the people feel powerless.

But the key to overcoming this sense of having no power is the realization that we have given, namely that the universe will reflect back what you send out. And therefore, the key to changing a society is not to change the rulers. It is not even to overthrow the elite through violent means, as was done in France and has been done and attempted to be done here in Britain on many occasions. No my beloved, the real key to changing a nation is to change the consciousness of the people. And that change must begin somewhere—with some individual.

Revolution must come from the people
For, my beloved, you will not wake up one morning and see the London Times have a big headline about the possibility of changing society by changing people’s individual consciousness. For surely, the establishment, the government and all aspects of society are more rigid and less fluid than the people themselves. That is why true revolution must come from below.

It has always been so, my beloved. For you will see that the greatest revolutionary in the Western world was Jesus himself, who brought forth a teaching that was completely revolutionary compared to what the people believed in Israel at the time of his appearance there. And so who were the people who accepted Jesus? Was it the temple priests and the scribes and the Pharisees? No, my beloved. For those who are in charge of the current system have always entered an unholy alliance of being those who first and foremost want to preserve that system. For they want to preserve their positions of privilege and power. And so it is always among the people that you have to look for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear a new revolutionary idea.

And thus, my beloved, it is exactly the same today. You look back at Jesus’ life and you look at how few people he contacted in his lifetime. Yet you see the changes that have come about in Western society as a result of the ideas he brought forth. You could look at the end of his lifetime and say he accomplished little in the physical. But he did indeed accomplish what he came to accomplish, which was to start the process of changing people’s consciousness.

Now my beloved, in today’s world we have a very different situation than the one faced by Jesus, and there are two main reasons for this. Number One is that in the Piscean age, it was necessary that there was only one person who was the representative of Christ on Earth. For the consciousness of the people was so low that there were not very many people on Earth at that time who could manifest and demonstrate personal Christhood. That has changed, my beloved, for over the past 2,000 years, many, many people – including all of you here – have volunteered to embody specifically to build your Christhood and build that Christhood at the present time, where it was the plan and the Will of God that many people should step forward and demonstrate that Christhood.

So there are indeed many people in embodiment who are very, very close to manifesting and expressing their Christhood. Some are doing so without knowing it, without having the words to put on what they are doing. But others just need that little bit of an awakening, as some of you have expressed here that when you find a teaching that rings true in your heart, then you know it and you feel that you have come home.

Well, my beloved, the other condition that is different today, compared to Jesus’ time, is of course the means of communication that are so much better today. And this means that there is a potential that when the people who are ready to manifest Christhood step forward and do so, they can communicate their ideas, they can express their Christhood in a way that can spread much further than what you saw in Jesus’ lifetime.

Indeed, you also have the added advantage that those who express their Christhood in this age will not be nailed to the cross after three years and thus be taken off the Earth. You can stay here as the representatives of the Living Christ for the rest of your natural life-span. Some of you even beyond the life-span that would be natural if you did not express your Christhood.

What is unreal has no power over what is real
And so, my beloved, despite the fact that you feel the weight of the mass consciousness, that you feel the inertia of the mass consciousness, that you feel the opposition both from the mass consciousness of the people and the elite – who will use all means available to them to stop a revolutionary change in Britain and elsewhere – well, despite you feeling this weight, I must tell you that it is all unreality. For you see, my beloved, the basic truth about life is that that which is unreal has no power over that which is real.

And so the only thing that is required is a change in consciousness, where you realize you have the spark of reality, the spark of divinity, within your being. You can connect to it and when you do, you will know that no matter what they do to you in the physical, they have no power over you. Was that not what you saw in Jesus? Where despite the fact that they mistreated him, tortured him and nailed him to a cross, they had no real power over him. They could not stop his Oneness with God.

Thus, my beloved, the Will of God is that the people are awakened to the fact – as some of you here have already said – that so much in their present society is based on unreality. Not only in Britain, of course, but in every nation on Earth. But given where we are, let us take a look at British society. Is there indeed anything that is real?

Well, there are indeed many things that are real in British society, but often that which is real has been cleverly mixed in with that which is unreal, to the point where it has formed a new construct where the seeds of reality are like diamonds that have been embedded in the lead of unreality. And thus, people either cannot tell the difference or they think that the diamonds of reality – that they see sparkle – must of necessity be embedded in the lead of unreality. And thus they feel it is hopeless to separate the two.

But you see, my beloved, nothing is hopeless—nothing whatsoever. Nothing is hopeless for those who are willing to change themselves, and all of you are willing to change yourselves or you would not be here right now. And I must assure you that even though you sometimes feel alone, there are millions more who are also willing to change. They just have not yet made that conscious contact with their own inner being, with the higher reality within themselves, that you have made. And that is why they could use examples and teachers who are not afraid to stand up and express that there is a higher reality, that there is such a thing as reality beyond the unreality of duality, where everything is so mixed in that you cannot tell the difference. Or that you think one cannot exist without the other, for you think that the diamonds form one polarity and they must have an opposite polarity which is the unreality. So you think the two are in a dualistic relationship.

Yet the real essence of the message of Christ is that there is a fundamental difference between God reality and the dualistic “reality” that is in a polarity with unreality. There is something beyond, my beloved, and that something is the reality in your own Being that Jesus described as the key of knowledge. Why “the key?” Because it is the key that gives you access to the kingdom within you. And thus, when more people are alerted to the reality that the kingdom is within them – and they are willing to look for that kingdom in themselves – well then you will see a change in the individuals. And as more and more individuals are awakened to this, you will begin to see a cumulative effect spread through the collective consciousness.

The collective consciousness is easy to change
For you see, my beloved, the collective consciousness might seem to be very rigid and inflexible, but this is in reality an illusion. The collective consciousness is very soft and very pliable and it will naturally gravitate or be pulled in any direction, where a strong enough force exerts a pull on it. And what you see right now is that for a very long time, the collective consciousness of Britain has been pulled downward by the false trinity of the very consciousness that is still represented by the monarchy, the class system and the Church of England.

And this has been happening for so long that the people think this is the only force that they recognize. And that is why the collective consciousness seems to be rigid. But I tell you that the moment another force emerges and gains critical mass, well, instantly you will see the mass consciousness be shifted and pulled towards the stronger force.

My beloved, look at the iron filings that you spread out on a piece of paper, and look at it as a representation of the mass consciousness. Now you put a magnet on one side underneath the paper, and gradually the iron filings will start being pulled towards the magnet. Some will be pulled directly to the magnet, others will be aligned to the magnetic field itself. Yet now take a stronger magnet on the opposite side of the paper, and, my beloved, is there some magic force that will keep the iron filings at the weaker magnet?

No, my beloved, they will immediately shift towards the stronger force. And so it is with the mass consciousness. Because the mass consciousness really has no will of its own. That is why, as you have discussed, it feels as if the people do not want to change. They want to just complain about those who oppress them. They do not want to take responsibility for themselves and their nation. Well, does that not show you that these people are simply so overwhelmed by the mass consciousness that they have surrendered their individual wills to the mass consciousness?

And you might think that the mass consciousness has some kind of will, but it really is not so. It has inertia, but the mass consciousness should not be confused with an actual non-physical entity such as a demon, a discarnate, a mass entity or a fallen being. For my beloved, the mass consciousness has very little sense of individual existence and thus has very little will power. It is always pulled in the direction of a will that is stronger than its own.

And so, really, the reality that I want to impress upon you is that the people themselves are not actually resisting a change in consciousness, a change in society. They are simply gravitating towards the strongest force that pulls upon them. And when the spiritual people, the top 10 percent of the most spiritually aware people, have enough of a united vision that they can exert a force that is stronger than the united – and in many cases not so united – vision of the lowest 10 percent, well then – instantly – the people will start shifting. It can be no other way, my beloved.

This, then, should give you great hope, for some of you earlier expressed the sense that even though you are spiritual people, you feel hopeless to change the consciousness of the population at large, because they seem so stuck in the old patterns. But you see, my beloved, what is it that you see in the people? Is it not that they are not willing to take responsibility and start with themselves? Well, my beloved, will you not then look in the mirror and see that many of you still have a remnant of that consciousness in your own Being, where you feel like you want to make an effort, you want to play a part in bringing forth a better society and a Golden Age, but you still think that the bringing forth of that Golden Age depends on how other people respond rather than how YOU respond?

And you see, my beloved, that is the lie, the lie that is embedded in the mass consciousness; that someone else must make the decision; someone else must do it for us; Jesus must come and save us; the king must rule the nation; the church must tell us what to believe about God; the government and the ruling elite must take care of all practical matters in society, for it is too complicated for us to understand and deal with.

And so, my beloved, I am not here trying to make you feel guilty. I am simply trying to give you the realistic assessment that part of being the forerunners for a shift in consciousness is that you have all volunteered to take on certain facets of the mass consciousness—and transmute them in your own Being. And when you do so, you will make the best contribution you can make to producing a shift in the collective consciousness.

Christhood depends on nothing outside yourself
Therefore, let go of the sense of hopelessness! Let go of the sense that your Christhood depends on other people or institutions in society. For, my beloved, the reality demonstrated by Jesus is that individual Christhood depends on nothing outside the individual.

Look at Jesus. At one point or another almost everyone around him questioned the sanity of what he was doing—even his mother, who had a very high vision that he had a special mission to fulfill. So did his brothers, so did his disciples from time to time, almost all of them failing to see the greater vision. Yet Jesus withstood the onslaught of all of them – the people, the Scribes and the Pharisees, the high and the mighty as well as the low who pulled upon him to be their king and throw out the Roman occupiers – he withstood all of them and manifested his Christhood anyway.

Of course, this cannot happen, my beloved, unless you are willing to look at the ego and overcome that ego. Because otherwise it will be inevitable that your ego will pull you into a false “Christhood,” an imitation of Christhood, that makes some people think that they are the saviors, that they are the wise ones who know best how things should be done, and thus they are the saviors of the people. This is what you saw in Peter, where he would argue with Jesus and tell him how he should conduct his mission. This is indeed the consciousness, my beloved, that started with Peter, was institutionalized by the Catholic Church and was directly responsible for the emergence of the period called “the Dark Ages” in Europe.

Understanding the Dark Ages in Europe
For what happened in the Dark Ages was that people’s individual creativity was squashed, to the point where few people dared to stand out and bring forth an individual contribution and new ideas in art, literature, philosophy, religion or inventions of a practical nature. And, my beloved, see how this very consciousness created the idea that people can be divided into two separate categories—some who are above the population, who form an elite.

Jesus might be at the top but was there not always a church hierarchy of the false preachers, the wolves in sheep’s clothing that Jesus warned his followers about but that they did not heed? And therefore, those wolves took over the Christian church and turned it into an institution that suppresses the people and makes them the blind followers of the elite—who are themselves the blind followers of their egos and the non-material forces beyond who are ruling their egos.

And so throughout the dark ages this consciousness spread throughout Europe. And I can tell you that if you look at how the plague, the Black Death, spread throughout Europe, I can assure you that at higher levels there was a similar spreading of the black cloud of this consciousness that the people are inadequate—that they do not have a divine spark and a Christ potential. That they cannot rule themselves and bring forth something unique from within themselves, but that they must always look for someone else to do it for them. This is, then, what gave rise to a monarchy based on the incredible illusion that it was appointed by God to rule the people, to rule its own people, and that the people were actually given to the monarchy by God as its slaves, as its subjects, and that the monarchy could do whatever it wanted.

For you see, my beloved, the Catholic Church had already given up the willingness to tune in to the higher Will of God, thereby institutionalizing the dualistic will of man, the dualistic will of the ego, as the ultimate authority in society. And so it was just a matter of time before the monarchy fell into the same trap of thinking that it was the ultimate authority in society. And then you saw the ultimate power struggle between the monarchy and the church. And this is what Saint Germain has already described previously in our series about restoring the Word—that the church and the church hierarchy formed the established power elite, and the monarchy and noble class who owned the land formed the aspiring power elite. And the power struggle between them went on for some time, but then finally had the “resolution” that the British monarch now declared himself the head of the Church of England, thus bringing all three into a certain unified state, where now the perverted trinity of Father, Mother, Son was complete.

And that is indeed, my beloved, why you see – as some of you have already seen – that the British people are indeed very downtrodden, more so than many other nations. Although I will tell you that there are other nations on this planet, where the people are even more downtrodden than what you see in Britain. For my beloved, why am I standing here speaking these words in Britain? It is because I know that the British people have the potential to shake this off, to rise above this consciousness and indeed bring forth a Golden Age civilization in this nation. Yet, my beloved, for this to happen I must tell you that the British people must be willing to do what Saint Germain said at our last conference in California—question everything! Everything, my beloved.

The missing link in history
For what is it that the elite has done to suppress the people? Yes, you will look back at history and say that the king had some real physical power and he used it ruthlessly. Nevertheless, let me tell you that there never has been a regime on this planet – be it the British monarchy, or the Communist Party in the Soviet Union, or the emperors of Rome – there never has been a regime that had enough physical power to suppress the people with physical power alone. For had the people come together at a critical mass and stood up against that physical power, then the powers would have fallen. And this you have seen in a number of nations around the world.

So therefore, physical power is not enough to suppress the people. And that is indeed the missing link in history, where historians tend to look back, and they look only at the material circumstances, thinking that the cause of everything that happened in the world must be found in the material realm. But I tell you that the cause of everything that happened in the material realm is found in the consciousness of the people, the collective consciousness. And thus, my beloved, I tell you – truly – what they have used to suppress the people is the Word, the perversion of the Word of God.

The Word of God is the consciousness of Christ that allows you – as I started out this discourse talking about – that allows you to discern between what is real and what is unreal. And so, in order to suppress the people, they must take away that key of knowledge. They must create this false reality, where they have now created two dualistic polarities that seem to be inseparably linked in a dualistic struggle for supremacy. Yet both of them are lies.

And so this, my beloved, is one realization that needs to be brought out at this time in Britain and elsewhere, for it is the essential realization that must be spread before a Golden Age can dawn—namely the whole nature of duality. And this, my beloved, is of course why we of the Ascended Host have brought forth the new book, The Art of Non-War, which is written in a way that is more universal than any other book we have brought forth through any dispensation whatsoever. Thus, it has a potential to reach the people and awaken them to the basic dynamic of the duality consciousness and how it prevents them from discerning what is real and what is unreal. So every action they take, every idea they believe in, does not really lead to change because it merely perpetuates the dualistic struggle which is the very root of their suffering and their limitations.

But that dualistic struggle starts in the consciousness, for the elite themselves could not perpetuate the dualistic struggle unless the people responded. And that is why you see the unholy alliance between those in the power elite who want power, and those among the people who do not want power but want to give away their power and have other people make decisions for them. So that they do not have to face the potential of making wrong choices, but can criticize those who make choices no matter what choices they make. And yet even this can shift almost as in the blinking of an eye. And it will shift when enough of the top 10 percent process that state of consciousness in their own beings and overcome it once and for all.

[ ]

Nevertheless, there are many more gentle ways to awaken people to the fact that change is always possible. Look at history, my beloved. Look at how much society has changed in a thousand years. Think back—go to one of the museums you have in Britain and elsewhere, and see how people lived in the Stone Age. And then see how you live today, only a few thousand years later. And then see how much has happened just within the last century, just within your lifetime. How computer technology has transformed society.

For, my beloved, should not a realistic assessment make you see that change is indeed possible? And that change can have many levels? And is it not possible to help people see that the reason why society is at a higher level today than in the Stone Age is that there has been an expansion in consciousness, and that it is the expansion in consciousness that drives all progress?

And then, my beloved, it is not that difficult to make people see that because the expansion of consciousness has become one-sided in the West, where people have forgotten spirituality – partly because of the perversions of Christianity that took Jesus’ true teachings away from the people, and then because of the consciousness of materialism – well then, people have become unbalanced and that is why you have a one-sided progress. Where you have technological progress – as Jesus recently explained in the answer to a question  – and the technological progress itself creates problems which people cannot solve because they do not have the corresponding expansion in their spiritual awareness. My beloved, this is not, as they say, rocket science. It is possible to make many, many people understand these concepts, when you make them your own and express them in your own words.

And so, my beloved, I have spoken for a long time, which shows you that I have had a great desire to once again be able to speak freely on this island of Britain. Having spent several lifetimes here;* having been willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to awaken the British people to a higher way, to higher principles. I have a very strong desire to see these people become awakened to their true potential for expressing a Golden Age in this nation.


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