The true path of seeking to raise all life

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Nada, April 6, 2007.

The master key to true service to life
But you see, my beloved, the Living God is the God that is in all, and therefore those who claim to be serving God, meaning the remote God, are simply deluding themselves. For you see, my beloved, there is a remote God, as Maitreya explains. There is a being in a higher realm that is the Creator of this system of worlds. Yet my beloved, that being is also in everything in this world of form. For everything in this world is created out of the being of the Creator.

And so you see, my beloved, all is God. It is simply two different manifestations of God. And so, those who claim to be serving the remote God will say, “Ah, but we are serving the Creator. And that is why we are doing all these religious activities, and we are walking around in our elaborate vestments, and we are doing chants, and we are burning incense and we are giving prayers, for we are worshiping God.”

But you see, my beloved, the Creator does not need to be worshiped. The Creator is the All, what could the Creator possible need from human beings on Earth?

You have seen this presentation of the images from the universe.* And surely, when you see the vastness of the universe, you realize that the Earth is so small. This is not to say that the Earth is insignificant. But it should give you a sense of co-measurement that the God that has created this vast universe – which as you all know is only one part of the totality of this world of form – that God could not possibly need to be worshiped. How could that God need to have somebody in a church on Earth burn incense, and light candles, and say prayers?

So you see, my beloved, the true service to God is not service to the remote God, whatever image you have of that God. No, the true service to life is to serve the God who is in everything in this world of form, by serving other people, by serving to raise up all life, by serving to set all life free. And you see, my beloved, that is why there must come a point on your spiritual path where you face that initiation: will you continue to pursue spiritual growth out of self-centered motives – self-centered meaning focused on the little self, the identity that you have built – or will you be willing to expand your sense of self – to let the old limited sense of self die – so that you can realize that the greater self is the God in all. And thus, instead of pursuing spiritual growth for the glorification of the little self, you now pursue growth because it will enable you to serve the all better.

And that shift in consciousness might seem insignificant, but I tell you, it is the most Earth-shattering, graven-image-shattering, shift in consciousness that any spiritual seeker can go through. And indeed, my beloved, there are so many people in this world who for decades have been sincerely pursuing spiritual growth. But they have not yet realized that there comes that point, where you need to expand the sense of self, so you are not pursuing spiritual growth in order to raise up your self in comparison to other selves, making your self seem like you are wiser, you are holier, you are purer, you are more spiritual.

A blind alley of false service
This, my beloved, is not service to life, it is service to self—the dualistic self, the mortal self. And this can indeed give growth, because as you grow spiritually and become more attuned, you can expand your consciousness. But my beloved, it is possible to go into a blind alley, where you keep pursuing spiritual growth out of this subtle unrecognized desire to glorify the little self. And some people can do this for many lifetimes. Some of them even can come to a point where they have attained a certain state of control over their physical body, over their mind, even over matter itself, so they can produce certain phenomena—such as having ashes flow from your hands when you speak, or heal by laying on of hands, or babble on in unrecognizable tongues or other signs and wonders.

But you see, my beloved, if you look closely, you will see that the purpose of these signs, the desire behind them, is to set that person apart from other people or rather above other people. And that, my beloved, is a blind alley that can be pursued for a long time. But no matter what the other signs and wonders might be, there is no genuine growth, for there is no expansion of the heart. It is only through the heart that you can have the genuineness of serving all life. And why is this so? Because only through the heart can you know your own inner connection to the Allness of God’s being. And only when you know that you are out of the All of the Creator, will you know that all other people are out of the All of the Creator. And only then can you see God in them, and only then can you serve to set the God in them free to be MORE, to be all that it is here below.

Pursuing your original Love
And so, my beloved, how can you connect to that Allness? Well, my beloved, you must pursue Love. You must seek to understand Love. You must seek to reconnect to the original Love in your being. For I tell you, it does not matter where you are today, for you started out as a pure being in the immaculate concept. You descended into the world of form because you – the greater you that you truly are – had a true desire to serve all life, to raise up the sphere into which you originally descended, whether it be this sphere or another one. You came here out of a true desire.

You might have fallen into a different state of consciousness and have forgotten that love and that desire to serve all life. But you can reconnect to it because it is still at the core of your being. And if you will to grow beyond a certain point, then you MUST reconnect to it, for there is no other way.

You see, my beloved, the lie of the fallen beings – from Lucifer and all of the other ones who have pride – is that they actually believe that they can raise themselves up to such a point where they will become equal with God, or more important than God. But this, my beloved, can never be done as long as you are trapped in the illusion of separation. You can grow to become a God in your own right, as Maitreya explains, but you can do so only when you realize that God is the All that is in all—and you seek to serve the All, to raise up the All. You become one with God’s desire to raise up this sphere until it becomes, indeed, the kingdom of God in manifestation, and all is Light and there is no longer room for any shadows or lies or illusions.

Once you connect to that oneness of the All, then you can become equal with God. But you see, my beloved, you become equal with God by becoming one with God. You can never be equal by being separate from God—for there is no such thing, for God is the All. And so, my beloved, since God is the ultimate reality, how could you become equal with the ultimate reality as long as you think you are separate from ultimate reality? There is only one ultimate reality, so you see, the logic of those beings who have fallen into the duality consciousness is fundamentally flawed. They cannot see this, your ego cannot see this, your intellect cannot see this. But – aah – the heart can see this.

When the heart is purified and opened, the heart can know the oneness of all life. And that truly is the first part of the spiritual path—to come to know in the heart the oneness of all life. And then to carry out that oneness in all your actions and words, so that you serve the One in the All. This, my beloved, is how I won my ascension so many thousands of years ago—by serving others, by serving those who were closest to me in that last incarnation, by serving without thought of self. For truly, when you come to sense the oneness, you realize, “It is not about me,” me meaning the separate self. It is about the real me, meaning the All.

Thus, my beloved, I am grateful for your providing the platform that allowed me to release this teaching, which is more than the words I have spoken but truly a complete release of the vibration and the thoughtforms of the sixth ray of service—selfless, unconditional service.


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