Understanding what invoking light can and cannot do

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Saint Germain, August 31, 2005

As I have explained from the beginning, the main problem on Earth is that so many people are unaware, are in a spiritual coma. This is not only in the United States but worldwide. And as Mother Mary has explained, it is indeed imperative that – before the year 2012 – humankind is awakened to the reality of the connection between people’s consciousness, between the mass consciousness, and natural disasters. And thus there are certain disasters that can be consumed through rosaries and prayer work. And there are other disasters that cannot be consumed, no matter how many prayers or rosaries you might give.

This latest hurricane is a typical example of a disaster that could not have been averted by the giving of rosaries. The only thing that could have averted or mitigated this disaster was an awakening—on a national scale and especially in the area affected by the hurricane. If people in the area and nationwide had truly been awakened to the facts I have described in this discourse, the hurricane could have been turned back through prayer work and rosaries. Yet, as I have also explained, it would have been virtually impossible to awaken these people to a danger that they did not believe could happen or could be as extensive as is the case. The reason being that these people were so trapped in the two extremes I described earlier.

My point is that the main focus for your rosary work should be the awakening of the people. You need to be aware that what you are doing with the rosaries is to transform the energies and resolve the dualistic beliefs in the mass consciousness that prevent people from being awakened. Yet you are in no way seeking to overrule people’s free will. It is a fact that as long as people are burdened by energy and trapped in dualistic beliefs, they cannot make free choices. Removing people’s burdens will give them the option to choose, but it will not guarantee that they will change their lifestyle. So your rosaries can give people an opportunity to come up higher, but no amount of rosaries can guarantee that people will be willing to change their outlook on life and their lifestyle.

Thus, you must be aware that although your rosaries are essential for bringing in a Golden Age, you cannot guarantee the prevention of all disasters. If people are not willing to change through inner guidance, they will precipitate calamities as another opportunity to wake up. My point is that even though certain disasters can seem very negative, they can also be looked at as a part of the larger process that WILL gradually awaken humankind.

You might consider that what has been happening since Mother Mary released her rosaries is that the entire planetary consciousness has been purified and raised. That is why things are far more fluid and why disasters can more easily be mitigated. Yet you still have localized pockets in which people living in certain areas have not responded to the growth in the planetary consciousness. And your rosaries cannot at the present moment penetrate all such pockets. For that to happen, we need many more people giving rosaries and working on their Christhood.

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