Understanding who can bring positive change to society

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Jesus, November 2, 2008.

Consciousness on a scale of higher or lower frequencies
This, then, very much ties in with the teaching I have been giving for some time, where you can divide the population into the top 10% – or the most spiritually aware people – the bottom 10% are the most self-centered, ego-centered people and the 80% of the general population who are somewhere in between those two. So, what I desire you to understand here is that it is the level of consciousness that determines where people fit into this scale—it is not their outer power.

Obviously, the most powerful people on Earth are not necessarily – and in fact are rarely – in the top 10%.  The top 10% are not somehow superior to others, for in order to enter the top 10% you must overcome duality and the need to feel better than others.  You must not go into the false humility that is the opposite, but the realism that we have talked about in previous dictations at this conference, of simply realizing who you are, as a co-creator with God.  That is what determines your entry into the top 10%, so we are not here giving a teaching that the ego should be allowed to turn into a teaching of superiority giving rise to pride, for then you have not understood the teaching.

It is indeed a reality that there are those who have attuned their consciousness to higher frequencies, to the higher radio stations that are broadcasting the truth from the Ascended Master’s octave. And they, then, have raised their consciousness to the point, where they can attune to a different radio station than the general population, and certainly the lowest 10% who are often attuning to the radio station that has traditionally been called hell.

For you see, hell exists in the emotional realm, where those beings who have become completely self-centered – have become so eaten up by the their own anger against God, and their anger against themselves – that they have formed the realm where the anger has become so intense, so hot, that it will be experienced as a hell with flames that burn you in eternal torment. For these beings that are trapped there, are in eternal torment, even though they do not always see this because they are so focused on their anger against God that their anger is consuming their awareness to the point that they cannot even realize that this is uncomfortable to them and that they wish they could get out of it.

Consciousness as a gravitational force
So you see, when you look at the scale of the bottom 10%, the top 10% and the 80% in the middle, you see that there are many different levels on that scale. And you can then can go to the people who are in embodiment and who are part of the lowest 10%, and you will see that there are people at the very lowest level who embody a certain state of consciousness, and they are forming a gravitational force that seeks to pull the minds of everyone else down to their level of consciousness.

They do this not only through their minds, they do it through their actions, where they have attempted to embroil people into war so that when people are trapped in war, trapped in battle, some people will rise in honor, whereas others will descend to the very animalistic tendencies of killing anyone who seems to come in their way. Or conquering a village and raping the women, or otherwise displaying complete disrespect for life.  And thereby they pull them down to that level of being an animal. And they pull those down who look at these atrocities and become angry and seeking revenge, and so they create this downward spiral where people are pulled down more and more and more.

And so, you see that there are those in the lowest 10% who are living in a particular universe that you who are spiritual people can scarcely imagine.  And I do not in fact encourage you to try to imagine how these people experience life.  For I myself descended into hell – meaning I descended into their level of consciousness to seek to raise them up – but I did not do this until I was resurrected, and therefore had shed the body and the human consciousness. And certainly, I do not encourage you to descend to that level while you are still in a physical body.

This will only be reserved for a very few people, and so you strive to raise your consciousness rather than lowering it.  Unless, of course, you need to go down and look at something in your psychology from past lives and undo a decision that you made at a lower level of consciousness.  But you do not attune to the consciousness of others, for you do not need to undo the decisions made by others—as only they can do that.

The top 10% must bring positive change
Now, my beloved, the message I want to get across here is that God gave human beings dominion over the Earth.  You have people in the lowest 10% who are the blind—they are the blind seeking to lead the blind of the general population.  They are aggressive, they are completely self-centered and focused on themselves.  My beloved, you cannot expect these people to suddenly awaken and start raising their own consciousness and that of the 80% of the people.

I am not saying that people from the lowest 10% have not been awakened; it does happen but only a small percentage.  So what I am saying is that you cannot expect positive change on this planet to come from the lowest 10%.  So where must positive change come from?  Well, if you look at the 80%, they tend to be followers; they do not have a strong enough sense of self to go against the grain, to refuse to fit into the mold defined by society. And so, who must then bring positive change?  Well, it can only be the top 10%, my beloved, and this is what you need to realize.

As an example of this, look at Europe during the Second World War. It was a conflict that killed millions and millions of people on this continent. Millions of people lost loved ones, millions of people saw their homes destroyed, their cities destroyed—even a nation destroyed.  Yet if you go to other parts of the European continent, you can find people who lived almost normal lives during the five years of the Second World War. And why is that, my beloved? Because they were at a different level of consciousness than the people who were directly involved in the war!

My beloved, do not believe that things just happen to happen a certain way.  Everything is a manifestation of consciousness.  There is a reason why certain people had congregated and embodied in the same areas, the geographical areas, where they became embroiled in the direct war. There is a reason why other people had embodied in other parts of Europe where they were not so directly involved.  There is a reason for this, and it is their level of consciousness.  So what I am endeavoring to explain is that even in a conflict as serious as the Second World War, you will see that people at different levels of consciousness had very different experiences of the physical events.

Parallel universes in consciousness
And what I endeavor to explain is that you too, today – as the spiritual people – you are, so to speak, living in a parallel universe compared to the greater population and those in the lower 10%.  Consider the very fact that you are sitting in a room here, in a monastery of a particular Christian order that has existed for a very long time, and has a very set, rigid organized tradition. Consider that you are sitting here listening to a person who claims to give voice to the real Jesus Christ, whereas right below you are the monks of this order who are sitting doing their Sunday service, claiming that they are worshipping the real Jesus Christ and would be shocked to really understand what is happening here.  Do you see that even though you are in such physical proximity, you are living in parallel universes in the mind?

So the idea from quantum physics of parallel universes is not wrong, only they are not physically parallel universes – they are not parallel universes in the material vibrational spectrum – they are parallel universes in consciousness.  And this is the magic of planet Earth in the material realm—that it allows people to exist – as Maitreya explains in greater detail in his book – in the same physical location yet be in parallel universes in consciousness.

Christhood shifts the entire spectrum of consciousness
Now, what that means is that there is a correspondence between the parallel universe that you live in as the spiritual people, and the parallel universe of the lowest 10%.  For you see, my beloved, it is a law of God that before a certain manifestation of duality – a certain manifestation of darkness, of evil can be removed from the Earth – before that can happen there must be those in the top 10% who have raised their consciousness to a certain level, where they have freed themselves from those aspects of the ego that are being out-pictured as that manifestation of darkness.

They must free themselves, but they must also then take a stand and say, “This manifestation of evil is no longer acceptable in my world!”  And only when you stand on the Rock of Christ – because you have been willing to remove the beam in your eye, that aspect of the ego which is being out-pictured as that manifestation – only then, when you stand on that Rock of Christ, will you then have the authority – or we might say, you will give God the authority – to remove that manifestation of evil from this planet and remove those who will not voluntarily raise their consciousness beyond it.
Do you see that this is how progress occurs on this planet?  There must be some in the top 10% who have reached the level of Christhood that corresponds to the perversion of that level among the bottom 10%.  And only when we have those – a critical mass of people at that level of Christhood – can the perversion of that level be removed. And that way the entire spectrum of consciousness is shifted upwards.

If you look at the spectrum of human consciousness that you find on this Earth, then you will see that the way progress happens is that the entire spectrum is shifted upwards. It is now possible to go one step higher for the top 10%, but those in the bottom 10% cannot go below a certain level or they will be removed from the Earth.

This is the only way that progress can happen; it cannot happen in any other way, my beloved.  It cannot happen through force.  It cannot happen by one totalitarian nation conquering the world and establishing the kingdom of God through force.  It cannot happen through one religion conquering the world. It cannot happen in any other way but a shift in consciousness, whereby those who have the potential must rise, claim their Christhood, purify their own minds of a certain manifestation of the duality consciousness; and then declare with one voice, with one mind, with one heart, that this must stop, for enough is enough!


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