A cosmic perspective on the earth

Understanding the cosmic force behind growth

Master MORE explains that there is a cosmic force that influences earth but is far beyond what anything on earth can influence. As spiritual people we can tune in to this River of Life and it will prevent us from being depressed and feeling powerless. Instead, we can become open doors for this force to be expressed in our personal lives and in society.

A cosmic perspective on the Earth

Saint Germain explains how the earth is a very small planet in a very large unit of an even larger universe. He also talks about how poverty block the manifestation fo the golden age and how the spiritual people can help raise the earth beyond the consciousness of poverty.

The true victory is a spiritual victory

Elohim Victoria explains that many problems are too big to be solved through the power of humans, but that no problem is too big to be solved through he power Spirit working through humans. By overcoming the dualistic mindset, we can move into a state of mind that is beyond the possibility of failure and lock in to a non-dualistic victory.