The challenge for spiritual people

The key to the spiritual people fulfilling their role in this age

Gautama Buddha explains that many spiritual people come to the realisation that something needs to change and that illusions need to be challenged, but we seek to do this in an unbalanced way. He explains the importance of seeking balance so that we do not seek top force other people’s choices but instead respect the outplaying of free will. We are in a sense not here to change specific conditions on earth through force but to help people gain a higher vision so they change those conditions through more aware choices.

Many people now face the test of letting go of the worldly individuality

Saint Germain talks about what it will take to overcome conflict and create true unity among people. He explains that many spiritual people are ready to take the step of letting go of our worldly sense of identity and finding our spiritual identity.

You have a right to call for the will of God to be manifest on Earth

Mother Mary explains how there is an anti-will on this planet that seeks to oppose the manifestation of God’s will, which is an end to suffering and the dawn of a golden age. We can take a stand in ourselves and we have a right to call forth God’s will instead of the anti-will.

The challenge faced on Earth is: Will you be MORE

Mother Mary explains how to avoid being pulled into pessimism when world conditions do not live up to our hopes. She explains that in times of progress, there will be certain negative conditions that will seem to increase, but this is because as the light increases, there is greater contrast between light and darkness.  We can avoid pessimism by raising our awareness so we lock in tot he potential to become MORE.

Go out into society and express your Christhood

God Meru explains that until we express our Christhood in a selfless effort to help others, we do not have Christhood. Yet in order to get to that point, we must love ourselves and accept that we are lovable.

The true path of seeking to raise all life

Nada explains the difference between false and true service. The real God had no need to be worshipped but has a need for us to focus on raising all life. The key is to reconnect to the original love of our higher beings so we do not seek to walk the spiritual path in order to raise up ourselves as separate individuals. Instead we walk the path in order to raise all life.