How spiritual people can change society

All positive change begins with an idea released by the ascended masters

Saint Germain explains that the ascended masters have solutions to all problems seen on earth and they are willing to release these ideas to us. Yet before an idea can have an impact, people must open their minds to the ideas and begin to speak about them. This is also what we can do as spiritual people.

The greatest service you can render is to demonstrate the true spiritual path

Mother Mary exposes the illusion that the key to changing the earth is to make all people the followers of a particular religion, ideology or guru. The real key is to make people aware that there is a systematic path fo self-transcendence that leads to higher state of consciousness. So our most important service is to demonstrate this path.

Being willing to think outside the box

Mother Mary explains that positive change cannot come from people who always think within the mental box that any society defines. It can only come from people who are willing to question the old ways of doing things or looking at life. She also talks about how we can open our minds to new ideas.

No amount of talk will change the Earth

Vajrasattva explains that when we speak to others about the spiritual path, we must dare to disturb others. We must also seek to walk a delicate balance of not forcing but speaking from the heart. We must give people both an acceleration of spirit and an understanding of the ideas.

The concept of holding the spiritual balance

Surya explains that according to cosmic law, there cannot be imbalance in the universe. Thus, when some people go into duality and start acting in selfish ways, the ascended masters must hold a spiritual balance for such people so that the comic law is fulfilled. This is the only way people’s free will can be allowed to outplay itself until they have had enough of the experience in duality.