How societies evolve

The central dynamic that causes a civilization or a planet to self-destruct

Sanat Kumara explains that one of the central problems on earth is the inferiority-superiority dynamic. Some people want to set themselves up as an elite with superior abilities, power and privilege, And some people want to be the followers of such an elite. As spiritual people we can raise ourselves above this inferiority-superiority duality and thereby help bring the earth closer to the golden age.

There really is only one conflict that has simply been repeating itself over and over again

Lanello explains that unless we learn from history, we will continue to repeat the same patterns. And the only real conflict on earth is that between dark forces and the spiritual people. This does not mean that we submit to the dark forces or fight them, but that we speak out about them from the Christ consciousness.

Democracy is an extremely demanding form of government

Saint Germain explains why democracy is the most demanding form of government because it requires people to stand up to the power elite. We cannot expect that some saviour or hero will come in and change society. We must all strive for Christhood so we can play a part in changing society. Jesus actually proved that individuality is more powerful than structures and systems.

The basic dynamic that creates conflict between different groups of people

Mother Mary explains how larger groups of people can create a downward spiral that becomes self-reinforcing and overpowers people’s individual minds. People forget that they have created their own situation but instead think that God or nature is responsible for their misery. We who are spiritual people can be the forerunners for changing this mindset and thereby reinforce the upward spiral that the earth has entered.

There is no ultimate system that will solve all problems

Lanello explains that we are not human beings but spiritual beings, and that is why we can take dominion over the earth. Yet in order to do this, we need to give up the age-old dream of creating some ultimate system that can solve all problems.

Diversification and differences do not actually bring conflict

Gautama Buddha explains that one of the illusions that works against peace is that many people think diversity is the root of conflict. He explains that we are all created as unique individuals and in God’s design this does not cause conflict. The cause of conflict is a lack of tolerance for diversity.