The connection between the physical planet and our consciousness

Can spiritual people prevent natural disasters?

Kim Michaels summarises the teachings of the ascended masters concerning natural disasters and how we can prevent them. The masters have explained that the physical earth is truly made from energy, and the energies that makes up matter can interact with the energy in our minds and in the collective consciousness. This is in line with the discoveries of quantum physics. Therefore, natural disasters out picture conditions in the collective consciousness. The ultimate way to prevent natural disasters is to change the consciousness, but we spiritual people can do much to mitigate them by invoking light through invocations and decrees.

The real key to changing a nation is to change the consciousness of the people

Master MORE explains that the universe is a mirror that reflects back as physical circumstances what is in the collective consciousness of a nation of humankind. We can therefore stop feeling powerless and complaining about current conditions. Instead, we can work to change those conditions by raising our own consciousness and thereby pulling up on the collective.

The ascension of Earth is not an automatic or guaranteed

Gautama Buddha explains that any physical change must start with a change in consciousness because the suffering and conflict we currently see is an image projected through the collective consciousness. When the consciousness is raised, the dark forces cannot remain on earth but can be spun off.

Sound is a creative force—learn how to use it constructively

Mother Mary explains how sound was used to create the universe and how our invocations and decrees makes use of this basic creative force. This will not override people’s free will, but it will make it easier for them to make choices that do not harm themselves or others.

All people are connected in consciousness, like a pyramid

Jesus explains that all people are connected, and that is why the top ten percent can pull up an entire nation or the entire planet. However, the key to changing the world is that we start by changing ourselves.