The effect of invoking spiritual light

How to most effectively invoke spiritual light

The Presence of Infinite Light explains how invoking spiritual light is part of the process of creation. We can learn to attune ourselves to the hierarchy of light and thereby see ourselves as an extension of this hierarchy here on earth. This is the most effective way to invoke spiritual light.

Understanding what invoking light can and cannot do

Saint Germain explains that invoking spiritual light cannot go agains the free will of the majority. Thus, we can prevent some natural disasters through invocations, but we cannot prevent them if people are not willing to shift our consciousness. Thus, the focus of our invocation of spiritual light is to shift people’s consciousness so they can make more aware choices.

Giving rosaries in unison produces very powerful sound waves

Saint Germain explains how a group of people giving invocations and decrees together will produce very powerful sound waves. He explains how to most effectively invoke light by infusing the spoken word with Spirit. This will raise the collective consciousness so people being to make more constructive choices.

How rosaries reinforce the effect of people doing physical work

Mother Mary explains that when we invoke spiritual light, it is not only that our calls haver an effect in the emotional, mental and identity realms. In many cases our calls reinforce the physical work that is being done by many constructive people. Our calls make their work more successful, and thus wee contribute to the progression fo society even though people may never know it.